Monday, May 4, 2009

After Human/Nature/Image

I feel that this class has greatly challenged and changed my notions of nature. At first I had no interest in the topic of nature and thought that I would struggle all semester with trying to stay engaged with the issues discussed in the class, but I quickly realized that the issues in Human/Nature/Image do pertain to me as well as everyone and everything else.  The most important thing that I will walk away with from this class is the notion that everything is "interconnected." I think that my main problem at first was that I defined nature very narrowly-nature is the trees, sky, water, flowers, birds, ect... and forgot about the fact that we are also apart of nature. This is why I enjoyed the Edward O Winston Biophilia article some much because for the first time I explored my own relationship with nature and it really challenged my definition of nature. The Biophilia article was also an entrance point for me to start examining how my photographs fit into the discussion of Human/Nature/Image. I also enjoyed that many of the topics/theories discussed in the class were relevant to other cultural/political topics, including identity politics, gender, class, race, ect...which also goes to show how interconnected these issues are.  

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